London's Air Ambulance


London's Air Ambulance // Content + Strategy

I was tasked by London's Air Ambulance to develop and implement a regular content production strategy to promote their employer-brand-experience online.


Primarily through LinkedIn, but adaptable across all other social platforms. I worked with London's Air Ambulance for 18 months, delivering content five days a week across their social platforms and website. 


The project Increased London’s Air Ambulance social media engagement by 500% across Fb / In / Insta / Yt with the content gaining over 300,00 impressions.


  • Content strategy design + Project Management

  • Scriptwriting + Storyboarding

  • Producer / Director

  • Videography

  • 2D Graphics and Typography

  • Video editing and colour grading

The main aims of the project were to develop a strategy for delivering regular, high quality and effective social content to promote and expand online employer brand experience.


Video // Photo // Design
manchester  // Leeds // london

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