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3 online social manners Brands need to know

For the social media user, having the ability to customise and personalise their online experience has brought about a much-appreciated power shift between the brand and the audience, especially when it comes to digital marketing.

The power to subscribe, unsubscribe, share, social media filters and custom ads amongst others have put the user in almost complete control of their online world and experience of it. More often than not if they see your content on a regular basis, it’s because they want to. And if they so choose they can wipe you out of (their)online existence with the simple click of a button.

Their online feed is precious. And when they subscribe or engage, they are permitting you to enter into their online world. You and the platform you are using may have your terms and conditions, but so does your audience. Think of it as a subscription-contract.

So, if you want to stay on the good side of your audience remember that the audience holds power and you need not fight it, but respect it. Here are some basic house manners you can implement and observe to give your relationship the best possible chance:

1. Deliver on your promise

It’s as simple as that. They are subscribing for a reason, right? If they want cats and you say you do cats every Wednesday, and then you give them dogs every Monday they’re not going to be happy. Sticking to content styles, formats and delivery times will strengthen your relationship with the audience. Respect the subscription contract and give your audience what they want.

2. Be accurate

In other words no click-baiting. Don't

mislead your audience. Use your title, description, metadata, and thumbnail to accurately convey what the content is about. We've all been fooled by it. And we've all been frustrated by it. So don't do it to your audience.

3. Don’t take the p***

Think about your own feed. How many subscriptions do you have? Don’t you hate it when either a friend or a brand get trigger happy with their uploading and every post in your feed is from them! As a general rule, I usually recommend my clients only post a maximum of two posts per 12hrs on each platform. (This can vary depending on things such as campaigns or reporting on news/events, etc)


So there you have it. Deliver what you say you will, be accurate in your promotion and don't take the p*** with uploads. I hope this article was helpful and if you'd like more information or are interested in working with - Get in touch!

Article by: Rob Mitchell, Head of Production,

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