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5 tips for building an audience on YouTube

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

There is no exact formula or template to follow when building an engaged audience on YouTube. What has worked for some may not work for you. But there are few common elements to consider when building your strategy.

1 Start uploading. And don’t stop.

This is always the first and best piece of advice. Ask any successful YouTuber. You have to upload to exist. And you have to continue to upload to cultivate that existence. Set yourself a target, develop formats and stick to it. But make it achievable. Starting from scratch and setting a target of a video a day will be much less sustainable than setting a goal of a video

a month, or a video a week even.

2 Set and meet expectations.

For an audience to engage and follow you regularly, you have first to provide them with expectations. They’re not going to subscribe or follow you for no reason. They will follow you because they want to see or hear more from you.

3 Be consistent.

The YouTube audience love consistency. If you’re going to be uploading a video every Tuesday at 3 pm - you better had! Otherwise, your audience can take this as a breach of contract and unsubscribe. But being consistent doesn’t mean just uploading on schedule. Your production, style, brand and messaging should all be consistent too.

4 Don’t overload your audience.

You want to keep a constant stream of content and engagement, but you don’t want to give your audience more than they can handle. Or want. Don’t dump all your content at once. That’s poor social media manners. You’re not the only one they subscribe to, and feed hogging can be a sure route to the unsubscribe button. Schedule it and spread it out over time. Your audience will appreciate it, and you will get more value from your content.

5 Ask, and you shall receive

It may take you one video to make it big, or a hundred videos. You don’t automatically get an audience. You have to plant the seed. Cultivate and nurture. Then you get the growth. Ask for subscriptions. Ask for follows. Ask for thumbs up. Ask for comments. Calls to action are crucial to any content strategy.

Article by: Rob Mitchell, Head of Production,


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