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London's Air Ambulance

Updated: Apr 1, 2018

Content Production Strategy >>

The Madcutta team was tasked by London's Air Ambulance to develop and implement a regular content production and delivery strategy to promote their employer-brand-experience online. Primarily through LinkedIn, but adaptable across all other social platforms.

We worked with London's Air Ambulance for

18 months, delivering content five days a week across their social platforms and website. First, we built the purpose and strategy for the project. Then we developed the formats and began producing. The main aims of the project being to develop a strategy for delivering regular, high quality and effective social content to promote and expand online employer brand experience.

The Brief
  • Develop a social visual content production and delivery strategy

  • Create and produce a minimum of 4x regular content formats

  • Implement strategy

  • Provide content production support + training

  • Produce and direct all shoot and post-production days

Provisions - What we did
  • Strategy creation

  • 4x content format development

  • Branding and graphics production

  • Social channel management

  • Regular content production blocks

  • Production Crew and Casting

  • All video’s produced and directed

  • Post-production - Edit, audio, design


Final Deliverables

  • Content production strategy and management

  • 4x Content formats

  • Regular weekly content production

  • Training and support

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