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Video Campign: Panic Attack Monster

Panic Attack Monster - a Multi-format video campaign >>

Working with, a youth charity providing information and support to young

people across the UK, we developed and produced a series of creative commercial

ads accompanied by an expert interview series with Dr Aaron Balick. The purpose of the content was to promote and generate traffic to's panic attack content on their main website.

The Brief
  1. Overall creative concept for the campaign

  2. Write + produce 4 x original social adverts

  3. Write + produce 4 x Supporting expert interviews

  4. Provide supporting content collateral

  5. Produce and direct all shoot and post-production days

  6. Deliver main content in multi social platform formats

Provisions - What we did
  • Concept and story development

  • Scriptwriting 4x 30-second adverts

  • 4x Interview narratives and questions

  • Pre-production/Project management

  • Production Crew and Casting

  • Costume Design and construction

  • Location sourcing

  • Equipment provision

  • Shoot days

  • All video’s produced and directed

  • Post-production - Edit, audio, design


Final Deliverables
  • 4 x Creative social media video ads

  • 4 x Expert interviews

  • 1 x Advert and expert interviews cut

  • Campaign branding and design

  • Stills for social media

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