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Video Case Studies: The Miscarriage Association

Updated: Apr 1, 2018


Working with Miscarriage Association we were tasked with creating a series of compelling case studies to be used online as a support tool and service promoter.

------------------------------------------------- WATCH ALL EPISODES ----------------------------------------------------

Lauren talks about the pain of experiencing

two missed miscarriages

Lauren was 20 when she experienced her first miscarriage. She talks about her experience of medical management, the anxiety she felt during her second pregnancy and the grief she felt when she miscarried again.

Letti talks about how she coped with

miscarrying twins

Letti's describes how she felt when she found out she was pregnant unexpectedly and how she coped with miscarrying twins.

Sophie had a missed miscarriage and

surgical management

Sophie talks about the grief she felt after experiencing a miscarriage. She says that her husband, her new baby daughter and a Parents4Parents support group helped her. She says "the volunteers at the Parents4Parents group gave me back everything"

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