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Website + YouTube Channel Content Production

     *Please note + YouthNet are now called

In my role as Senior Multimedia producer + Content Manager for digital charity YouthNet I was responsible for all content development and production for an editorial format website and YouTube channel with thousands of articles videos and images for young people.

YouthNet develop digital products and services that provide support to 16-25 year olds on everything for mental health to finance. is their flagship product.

  Content Production Responsibilities

  • Content development + Strategy

  • Editorial Photography + Design

  • Campaign Content

  • Informational Videos

  • Social media Content (video + Design)

  • Web Design

  • Web-Series

1000+ Content pieces (design + video + photo)

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Notable Achievements

Increased web traffic from YouTube by 250% unique per month

Increased YouTube subscribers from 500 to 15,000+

Average YouTube video views 10,000 *avg

Developed highly successful weekly vlog and  top influencer network

Project Highlights //:

I had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of amazing projects for

Madly In Love //: 

Showing Him My Scars             2M + views YT

Depression and Us                    200K+ views YT

Anxiety is Always there            150K+ views YT

Web traffic                                 1000 visitors P/M

Madly In Love is a series of 3 short films I produced for to promote and generate traffic for a new vertical website platform called

The aim of the new platform was to provide advice, support and cultivate a community online for young people aged 16-25 who are in a relationship with a mental health issue.


Panic Attack Monster //: 

Working with, a youth charity providing information and support to young people across the UK, I developed and produced a series of creative social media video ads accompanied by an expert interview series with Dr. Aaron Balick.


The purpose of the content was to promote and generate traffic to's panic attack content on their main website.

Website Re-design + Migration //: 

During my time working on I was integral part of the team tasked with re-designing the new website and facilitating the migration of over 2,000 pieces of content.

I also took the lead on the aesthetic redesign and had a major influence on the UI / UX design.


Weekly Influencer Vlog - YouTube //: 

The cornerstone of the content strategy I developed for was the weekly - influencer hosted - vlog.

Overtime I built a network of some of the most popular young UK influencers of that time, enlisting them to host an episode.

These vlogs become a major contributor to the development of the's audience, especially on YouTube.

Over 1 million YouTube views

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more case studies:

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Reel 2020 - Video Editor + Motion Design
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