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Video Series: Young & Successful


Video web-series

Working with, I travelled the UK searching for some of the most successful young people.


Intended as content for's YouTube channel and social media feeds we scripted and produced a series of 4 mini-documentaries.


  • Concept / Idea creator

  • Researcher / Scriptwriter

  • Producer

  • Director

  • Videographer

  • Editing

  • Graphic design + Animation


Sanne Vliegenthart | Hot Key Books |

Young & Successful | The Mix

Sanne is part of The Mix’s mission to get successful young people to share their secrets about making it in their chosen career. With so much negativity about young people’s employment prospects, we wanted to show that it IS possible to make it in a job you love.

Beth Reeks | Author |

Young & Successful | The Mix

Beth Reeks started her writing career at 15, uploading her stories anonymously online and gaining confidence when readers begged for more. Now she’s got a three-book deal with a major publisher, but “all you need is a laptop to get started”, she says.

Louis Barnett | Chocolatier |

Young & Successful | The Mix

Diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia, no one would have expected Louis Barnett to become a successful entrepreneur at 14. “Be naïve, he says. You’ve got to start somewhere – don’t wait until you’ve got the perfect business plan or the best website ever. Start small and build from there”.


Daniel Hart | Capital One |

Young & Successful | The Mix

Daniel left school with the option of going to university but decided to go straight into employment. After work experience at Capital One, he ended up getting a full-time role in the fraud department.


more case studies:

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Reel 2020 - Video Editor + Motion Design
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