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Vegan Gummy Vitamin // Video Advert + Social Content

The team at Vegums asked me to develop a concept and produce a fun and engaging animated branded video to promote their product on their website and social media. 


As a fresh start-up they had not produced any video content before. Vegums have a great mission, product and packaging so it was so much fun to play with all that in a 3D environment and generate ideas.

I took this brief and developed it by not only delivering a complete advertisement video for first contact on their website’s landing page.


I also scripted and edited the video in a way that would allow each clip from the video to act as its own standalone video for use on social media.

The clips could also easily be re-cut by the Vegums team on the fly to make shorter paid social ads or daily social content. This gave them over 18 individual branded videos.

MY ROLE: All elements

  • Concept + strategy design 

  • Scriptwriting + Storyboarding 


  • Art Direction  

  • 3D Modelling All assets - Product + Packaging

  • Animation  

  • Texturing + Lighting 

  • GPU rendering /

  • 2D Graphics and Typography

  • Video editing and colour grading

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